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Huobi BTC (HBTC)

What is Huobi BTC(HBTC)?

The cryptocurrency Huobi BTC was introduced by Huobi Global on the Ethereum network. It retains a value comparable to Bitcoin while still having Ethereum's flexibility.

Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization and is the most liquid digital asset in the crypto market. Huobi BTC increases liquidity because it is implemented on the Ethereum network and firmly tied to the BTC. As the main HBTC platform, it enables the service exchange of distributed agents.

Huobi Global (HBG) and the official website of HBTC are the two locations where you may trade Huobi BTC for Bitcoin or the other way around. The goal of HBTC is to use Bitcoin as a tool to accelerate the development of the DeFi ecosystem.

Because users can check it on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is a very transparent and verifiable asset. Since all the information on asset transfers is available online, HBTC assets can be verified there.

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