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UnBlinked offers intelligence through highly customizable workspace to make crypto traders trade better. Experience top-notch crypto trading infrastructure right from your web browser.

What we believe
Data and information will make crypto trading sharper
#1 Demo - Analytics

Analyze Market Data

With Analytics, you can customize crypto market data to make better trading decisions.

Before you trade, check your idea with real-time market data from multiple exchanges. Make your decision in a more data-driven way

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#2 demo - terminal

Deploy Trading Bots

With Terminal, you can build your own trading bots and deploy them to your crypto exchanges with a click of a button.

Everything is done on a browser-based interface, so you don't need to develop servers by yourself

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WE offer the best

Institutional-level crypto trading infrastructure

Customize every data as you wish

AI Analytics, ask anything about the market

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Ask in plain English
Ask whatever you are wondering about the crypto market. Why did the price spike? What happended while I was asleep? Just ask in plain English
Text to Code, AI analysis
Based on your questions, an AI analysts will create Python codes to analyze the crypto market. Text to Code, you do not need to write a single line of code.
Visualize and get insights
The results of the analysis will be visualized through graphics. Understand the data intuitively with charts and gain instant market insights for your trading
Manage trading bots in one place

Terminal, automate your trading

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Get AI help on coding
If you are not used to coding, just explain your trading strategies in plain English to get AI help on your strategy coding. Create your own market indicators without coding
Profit and Loss Report
While trading, it is hard to keep on track with your trading results. We calculate every single trade you have made to give detailed report on your profits and losses.
Control Your Bots
It is crucial to keep your bots in control. Click a button to deploy, pause and modify them whenever you like. Do not lose control on your bots.
cutting edge crypto platform

Trade like Big Quant Firms


Tick-to-tick trade data and more


Browser-based Cloud System


No-code to Code


Years of Historical Data


Crypto Market Data Collected


Crypto Exchanges Supported
Any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of crypto market data do you offer?

UnBlinked offers centralized exchanges' market data. From basic price candles to funding fees and liquidation volumes, you can find all sorts of market data you need for your trading.

Without manually collecting the market data by yourself, stay up-to-date to the market by the data we offer.

How customizable are the data?

You can literally do anything with the data we provide. You can combine market data across multiple exchanges or combine them to make your own custom indicators.

For example, you can use BTCUSDT in Binance to check the price correlations on DOGEUSDT in Kraken. Or weight-average BTCUSDT’s RSI across 10 exchanges to see how over-sold or over-bought the market is.

Do I need to know how to code?

We support Excel-like functions for the non-tech users. Just like you do on Excel spreadsheets, use simple functions to calculate basic market ideas.

For those who know how to code in Python, you can handle more complicated and unstructured data for your market insights. We supports various Python libraries to make your analysis easier.

How many CEXs can I use?

Currently we support 30+ CEX market data. More CEX will be onboarded soon. You can make live trades on Binance, OKX and Bitmex.

How can I deploy a trading bot?

With a click of a button! After writing trading strategies, you can deploy them instantly. Your trading bot will start trading on the CEX you have connected.

After your bot is deployed, monitor its profit and loss with the performance report we provide.

What if the trading bot is acting strange?

We offer various features that allow you to override your bot and take control of your trades.

For instance, you can set an independent approvals whenever your bot crosses over certain balance or PnL level you have specified. This provides a safeguard against unexpected and sudden events.

Also, in case of need, we even support emergency switches to instantly kill your bot and restore whatever condition you would like.We will not let the bot take the full control.

Do I need a local server to use this service?

UnBlinked is 100% cloud-based web service. You don’t need any kind of local server to use UnBlinked.

Everything is done on a web browser and synced to your account in real-time. Wherever you go, whenever you wish, as long as you have your internet ready, you’ll experience a seamless continuation of your trade.

Experience better crypto trading with UnBlinked
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