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UnBlinked offers intelligence through highly customizable workspace to make crypto traders trade better. Experience top-notch crypto trading infrastructure right from your web browser.

What we believe
Data and information will make crypto trading sharper
#1 Demo - Analytics

Analyze Market Data

With Analytics, you can customize crypto market data to make better trading decisions.

You can create your own Bitcoin index across more than 30+ exchanges, or check the correlation between DOGE price and RSI change of Ethereum.

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#2 demo - terminal

Deploy Trading Bots

With Terminal, you can build your own trading bots and backtest their performance based on real-time data.

Everything is done on browser-based interface, so you don't need to manage servers by yourself.

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WE offer the best

Institutional-level crypto trading infrastructure

Customize every data as you wish

Analytics, visualize your ideas

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Excel-like Functions
For non-tech traders, we provide simple calculation functions as a no-code tool. Easily handle your numbers using basic mathmatical operations.
Python Coding
For tech-savvy traders, we offer Python, a popular and easy-to-use language. Customize any type of complex and even unstructured data as you wish.
Whatever you have imagined, our flexible charting solution will give you the best visualizations. See beyond the numbers instantly and intuitively.
Manage trading bots in one place

Terminal, automate your trading

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Build Trading Strategies
Write down your trading strategies to verify the performances. Every data we provide could be combined into an indicator which you can use as a trigger for a trade.
Backtest for Profitability
We use our historical market data to simulate past market movements and evaluate the profitability of your ideas. Also we share a report in solid numbers.
Deploy Bots to CEX
After publishing a trading strategy, you can easily deploy it as a trading bot directly onto the connected CEX platform with just a simple click of a button.
cutting edge crypto platform

Trade like Big Quant Firms


Tick-to-tick trade data and more


Browser-based Cloud System


No-code to Code


Years of Historical Data


Crypto Market Data Collected


Crypto Exchanges Supported
Any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of crypto market data do you offer?

UnBlinked offers centralized exchanges’ market data. From basic price candles to funding fees and liquidation volumes, you can find all sorts of market data you need for your trading.
Without manually collecting the market data by yourself, stay up-to-date to the market with UnBlinked.

We collect each data in real-time, so you will not fall behind the market. Just focus on the trading, UnBlinked will take care of the hard work.

How customizable are the data?

You can literally do anything with the data we provide. You can combine market data across multiple exchanges or sum up to make your own indicators.

For example, you can use BTCUSDT in Binance to check the price correlations on DOGEUSDT in Kraken. Or weight-average BTCUSDT’s RSI across 10 exchanges to see how over-sold or over-bought the market is.

Whatever you imagine, UnBlinked will bring your imagination to life.

Do I need to know how to code?

We support Excel-like functions for the non-tech users. Just like Excel spreadsheets, use simple functions to calculate basic market ideas. It works like a no-code tool.

For those who know how to code in Python, you can handle more complicated and unstructured data for your market insights.

UnBlinked supports various Python libraries to make your analysis easier.

What can I check with backtesting?

By backtesting, you can check the basic profitability of your trading strategies by its expected Net Profit, and even find out how many chances there were in the past to see whether your idea is too farfetched or not.

This is done by our powerful simulator. We simulate our historical market data, such as tick-to-tick trade or funding fees, to recreate the past market movements and evaluate the performance of your trading ideas. We share a report in solid numbers to verify your idea.

With us, you can double check and improve your trading strategies using data.

How many CEXs can I use?

Currently we support 30+ CEX market data. For tick-to-tick real-time data, we support Binance, OKX and Upbit. More CEX will be onboarded soon.

Also, we’re aiming to expand our database to DEX and also crypto news along with social media data. We’ll quantify the keywords and engagements of each articles or posts for it to be used as a quantitative resources.

For example, we count up the numbers of tweets containing #bitcoin and comments, likes and retweets on each tweet in time-series. With this you can actually calculate the trend of the hype in certain keywords. Moreover, by combining this data with actual price movements, you can spot out potential leading indicators in the market.

How can I deploy a trading bot?

Just with a simple click of a button!

Once writing and backtesting strategy in Python code is done, publish the strategy. After this step, you will see a deploy button shich enables you to automatically deploy a trading bot directly onto the CEX you have connected.

After your bot is deployed, monitor its performance in the dashboard we offer.

What if the trading bot is acting strange?

We offer various features that allow you to override your bot and take control of your trades.

For instance, you can set an independent approvals whenever your bot crosses over certain balance or PnL level you have specified. This provides a safeguard against unexpected and sudden events.

Also, in case of need, we even support emergency switches to instantly kill your bot and restore whatever condition you would like.We will not let the bot take the full control.

Do I need a local server to use this service?

UnBlinked is 100% cloud-based web service. You don’t need any kind of local server to use UnBlinked.Everything is done on web browser and synced to your account. Wherever you go, whenever you wish, as long as you have your internet ready, you’ll experience a seamless continuation of your trade.

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