March 9, 2023

Crypto Asset Management - Ultimate Guide for Every Investor Must Read

Only the inclusion of tokenized assets distinguishes crypto asset management from traditional asset management. These assets' values were transferred to a blockchain. You have additional investment possibilities thanks to the platforms and apps, which also allow you access to both established and new investment opportunities.

With the help of crypto asset management applications, you can see your whole investment portfolio, which keeps you better informed and enables you to make trading and investing decisions based on real-time data across all of your investments. We'll discuss what these tools are in this article, along with how to pick one.

Crypto Asset Management - Everything You Need to Know

Crypto asset management is the process of monitoring your digital assets on blockchain technology. The practice of asset management predates investment. Everything about managing crypto assets revolves around buying, trading, and monitoring investments. It is crucial for risk management, portfolio diversification, and/or raising the return on investment. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, DeFi coins, NFTs, and other types of crypto assets are examples.

There are many asset management tools to manage digital assets. They are now essential for contemporary investors and the financial experts that support them.

It can be challenging to keep track of each cryptocurrency exchange and wallet, for instance, if you use several of them. Financial risks are present, as with any investment. With the help of crypto asset management firms or platforms, you have a dedicated route that streamlines your investment portfolio, enabling you to track the development or performance of your asset in real time and reduce any risks.

It is now simpler than ever to buy and sell assets, including cryptocurrencies. You only need to choose a wallet that supports buying or selling crypto assets and register an account on the exchange of your choosing.

Given how simple it is to access crypto assets, you must have a way to manage them, much like you would handle traditional investments in a portfolio. Asset management services and technologies have been developed by numerous individuals and businesses in response to this requirement. They are now widely used in more conventional financial markets.

Crypto asset management solutions are streamlining the process by assisting customers in consolidating their varied accounts and wallets from many exchanges, as opposed to maintaining multiple accounts and wallets from various exchanges while juggling traditional assets. 

Imagine juggling traditional assets while maintaining multiple wallets and accounts from various exchanges. Very stressful, no? Platforms for managing cryptocurrency assets are making the process simpler by assisting users in combining their various holdings and supplying better portfolio management tools.

Robo-advisors, which are programs with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities that may assist you design investment portfolios based on your goals and tracking and manage an increasing number of assets, are used by many of these applications. With charts and data, you may monitor the performance of your holdings, and the robo-advisor can assist you in finding opportunities to trade in underperforming assets for stronger ones.

Through the use of a blockchain, any asset, tangible or intangible, may be tokenized. For instance, a company's shares, fine art, jewelry, intellectual property, and even real estate can all be converted into crypto assets and offered to investors as shares in the form of tokens.

Many traders and investors still prefer to manage their assets even with AI and ML. You can also do this with these new asset management tools. For average traders who don't have a detailed understanding of the crypto asset market, these tools provide a simpler entry point and a more straightforward path to success.

What is Crypto Asset?

The best way to define crypto assets is as unregulated, peer-to-peer exchanged digital currency. In essence, it is a digital asset that is traded between consumers through a blockchain. No bank or authority is backing it. It is significant to know that investing in digital currency is regarded as extremely risky. If you invest in them, you should be prepared to lose some or all of your money, which is highly likely.

A distributed ledger is a sort of database that houses electronic data that is shared, replicated, and maintained by participants in this decentralized network across numerous locations. A new transaction must be approved by all users on the network before it can be entered into the ledger. Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger that divides data into chunks and ties them together. Because of the irreversibility of this unique data structure technology, blockchain transactions are safer. Although a blockchain may contain a wide variety of data types, the history of cryptocurrency transactions has recently grown in prominence.

Among the most typical kinds of crypto assets you might run into are:

Tips to Follow For Crypto Wealth Management

Managing your crypto wealth is not difficult. Complicated but doable. To help you get started, consider the following advice.

Find an exchange that offers the best rates and minimal fees. As the idea is to buy low and sell high, you require a cryptocurrency exchange with aggressive exchange rates. Yet, you must pay attention to your money's security because it is crucial.

Choose the trading type you want to be. Yet, there are several trading techniques, and each has advantages and disadvantages. You can decide if you are best suited as a day trader or position trader and the sort of trading tools you will employ by taking into account your risk tolerance, time constraints, and responsibilities.

Keeping up with the times/remaining informed. Join social media platforms, newsletters, and crypto communities. So that you can remain updated on cryptocurrency events and learn more about cryptocurrency trading.

Start small. Until you are more comfortable with the market, just invest what you can afford to lose.

How to Choose Crypto Asset Management Tool

You might want to check for management tools if you want to enhance your crypto asset management game. Again, there are numerous options available on the market that provide appropriate answers, so unless you are a skilled trader in charge of a sizable portfolio, you should keep things straightforward. Therefore, you should seek the following qualities in a good cryptocurrency portfolio manager:


It needs to be accessible and user-friendly.

Ability to track a wide range of currencies

You must make sure that the portfolio tracker software can track a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Standout qualities

Search for a distinctive selling point. For so, you should conduct research into what distinguishes your chosen portfolio tracker from other tools.


To get the best deal, look for a service. It ought to provide the best return on your investment.

High-level Security

Because you shouldn't want to divulge any information about your private keys, look for a safe portfolio tracker tool.

Technical parts you should look for -

Trading features:

  • Multi venue connectivity
  • Book aggregation across exchanges and dealers
  • Best execution routing

Real-time and historical reporting:

  • Real-time and historical market data
  • Performance and exposure analysis
  • Trade aggregation across multiple exchanges and counterparts

Multi-instrument coverage:

  • Spot markets
  • Futures and funding rates
  • Options
  • Loans

Reasons You Should Use a Crypto Wealth Management Tool

A crypto asset management tool is precisely what it sounds like. It is a software platform that aids in the management of different crypto assets for investors and/or financial experts.

There are numerous benefits to investing in crypto asset management solutions for regular investors who have more than a few crypto assets.

  • How to Make Your Crypto Investments Worth More

If you fall under the category of "out of sight, out of mind," then implementing a crypto asset management solution ought to be at the top of your priority list.

It's simpler to comprehend where your investments stand and what adjustments you can do to optimize them and get them closer to your goals when you have a clear view of all of your crypto assets put out in front of you.

  • Set Objectives and Track Your Progress Toward Them

Moving is an important word when it comes to achieving goals.

Merely owning cryptocurrency investments isn't as crucial as actively assisting them in the right way to ensure growth.

To ensure you're making progress toward your financial goals, a crypto asset management tool that displays how your portfolio is changing over time can be a great resource for advising you on which assets to hold and which to sell off.

  • High-Quality Diversification

The golden rule of investing is to diversify your holdings, especially if you want to invest in high-volatility assets like cryptocurrencies. A crypto asset management platform's insight is crucial. Making intelligent and varied investment options that balance and protect your wealth will be possible once you have a comprehensive understanding of the many coin types you now possess.

  • Improved Wealth Health Understanding

You can better comprehend the state of your entire wealth by keeping track of your net worth. When your portfolio grows and becomes more diverse, calculations become more difficult. To get a precise value that you may add to your asset pool while determining your net worth, you must use a crypto asset management platform.

Final Words

Crypto asset management is the process of buying and selling digital assets for use as investments. Also, it entails handling a portfolio so that its value increases overall. Asset management has been around for a while. Yet since cryptocurrencies and other digital assets related to blockchains caught the interest of investors, managing a crypto asset portfolio has increasingly grown necessary. We sincerely hope that this post has helped you grasp a glimpse of it.

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