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What is UniSwap?

With UNI as its native governance token, UniSwap is now the biggest decentralized exchange. The protocol permits the trading of numerous ERC20-compliant tokens on the Ethereum network. The 24-hour trading volume is a crucial element in the increasing value of the UNI token and UniSwap.

Undoubtedly, UniSwap is performing well, but this does not eliminate the possibility of investment-related hazards.

The UNI token has a 1 billion unit maximum supply. Due to the project's four-year vesting timeline, the entire supply will be in use by 2024. The UNI token will have a 2% everlasting inflation rate once this period is over to maintain network involvement. The annual application of this inflation rate will begin in September 2024. The permanent inflation rate is used, among other things, to discourage passive investors.