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What is Hodling?

The term "HODL" (standing for "hold") refers to cryptocurrency investors' buy-and-hold strategy. By employing the "hodling" strategy, investors can prevent losses brought on by the short-term volatility of cryptocurrencies. They can benefit from long-term value increases thanks to it.

A meme phrase describing the desire to purchase a cryptocurrency and keep it forever is "HODL." This approach aims to endure the volatility of cryptocurrency investments and eventually profit from a long-term increase in the value of the purchased coin. Cryptocurrency investors fervently believe that keeping a coin for a long enough period would eventually result in positive returns, although price gain is not a given.

HODL, sometimes known as FUD, also refers to maintaining composure in the face of rising market agitation. HODLers are presumably rewarded with positive returns on their investments after weathering the FUD during these times of greater uncertainty.